Actionscript 2.0, Flash _

Actionscript 2.0 Blur example

Simple onEnterFrame blur animation example

SWF file / FLA file

EDIT: Links are updated, sorry for keep you waiting! Thanks!


12 thoughts on “Actionscript 2.0 Blur example

  1. robert says:

    I believe the speed has to do with the 0,20 and the 10, 20 in the field of rollover and rollout. This is just the rollover field, but you get the idea.

    mc_ball.onRollOver = function() {
    var tw1:Tween = new Tween(mc_ball, “blurred”, Strong.easeOut, mc_ball.blurred, 10, 20, false);
    tw1[“onMotionChanged”] = function() {

  2. Isaac Chonillo says:

    Hello friend. Great job. I like me.
    But I have a question. If the ball had a background.
    What I would make to blur the background and to keep normal the ball?

    Please help me.

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