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Rope Trick Effect

From Wikipedia: Rope trick is the term given by physicist John Malik to the curious lines and spikes which emanate from the fireball of certain nuclear explosions just after detonation.

Amazing photo shows this effect. Those damned nuclear explosions look pretty much interesting… Something magical can be found in this forms in space, but after seconds destruction is obvious so Earth experiments are very bad.

More about Rapatronic Camera, that recorded this photo can be found on

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Amazed by Flash : Kubrick2001 – The Space Oddysey explained

I love Flash, everybody knows that. There is great reason for that. I love internet, I love cyberspace and Flash improved internet capability of displaying ideas and information. Kubrick2001 is unbeliavably good experience made in Flash. Almost whole Space Oddysey 2001 story was made in 4 chapters of Flash animations explaining the idea behind Clarke masterpice and Kubrick filming. You will surely enjoy, visit Kubrick2001.

btw Kubrick is one of my favourite directors / especially because one of the best movies of all tme Dr. Strangelove – if you never watched (???) then you must asap

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Virgin Galactic – Space Tourism and Exploration

In really wonderfull talk Burt Rutan, legendary aircraft (and spacecraft) designer, at TED conference gave lot of reasons why space voyages should come to commercial market. Once it comes it would provide huge financial injection which could lead to higher level of space exploration.

You can watch his talk at, incredible collection of videos from incredible conference, Davos for Optimists like they say :)

“Burt Rutan won the $10M Ansari X-Prize for SpaceShipOne, the first privately funded craft to enter space twice in a two-week period. He’s now collaborating with Virgin Galactic to build the first rocketship for space tourism”

you can enter the world of Virgin Galatic via their website and look at photos, videos or even book you space flight. It’s not that expensive but I don’t have that money… Still ! ;

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UFO artwork is interesting website with dozens of artworks depicting UFOs in historical images. Huge list really have a point, as many other evidences that exist on our planet. Anyway it is hardly to believe until you experience it for yourself and I suppose if it’s true it wouldn’t be as scientologist believe :D

Image in left corner is “strange suited figure that was found in Kiev and its dated to 4,000 BC.”

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A Floating City on Venus – The Space Monitor

Future of space travellings and colonization is turned onto Mars side, but reading this article I can see there are other thoughts about it. Venus is hell-like planet but it’s atmosphere is very dense, so objects can float in it. Great news :)

Read all about this idea on The Space Monitor

also check out recent interview Stephen Hawking to BBC radio where he talks about space travelling and limits we can break soon or later