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Adobe News – Quantum Leap

We have very, VERY good news from Adobe.

Flash Player 9 have update introducing for the first time GPU acceleration in player, mipmap for bitmaps, multi-threading on vector renderer and bitmap filters and video decoding, using of multi-core CPUs . GPU processing is not big implementation, only for full-screen video but hey, this is starting a path which will surely lead us to Flash Player 10 having numerous incredible, long-waited features.

Feature list on

AIR - ex Apollo – as it was announced by Adobe, Apollo recieved new name, AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). Also, beta version is released. HTML & Javascript becamed first class citizens
You can download runtime from

SDK is available from

Flex 3 Beta is released. Good news because there is lot of improvements. Some of them are :
for developers

  • Faster compilation, compiler class caching

  • Deeper language intelligence for AS3/MXML/CSS

  • Refactoring (Renaming: Method,Class,Variable)

  • Code Search

  • Code Outline

  • Memory Profiling, Performance Profiling, Profiling Live Memory Data

  • Enhanced Module support

  • Multiple SDK support.

for designers

  • Skin Importer

  • Design View Zoom/Pan

  • ItemRenderers in Design View

  • Advanced constraints

  • CS3 integration

  • CSS Outline

  • CSS Design View

  • many Flex 3 SDK style/skinning enhancements.

you can download Flex 3 Builder Beta from
Flex 3 SDK beta from

This is all great news. Adobe is on fire :D

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Microsoft takes on Open Source

Roger Perloff from Fortune reveals recent development of Microsoft claims that free software is using many of it’s patents. We are all witnesses about how Open Source is going bigger and bigger. That is good and we all seems to like it, there are many pros for that and significatly less cons. It’s free, it’s made by users for user, there is always good community, you can change it to suit your needs, you can contribute and yes you can influence the outcome.
What will happen like always time will show … Read the article from Roger Parloff on CNN Money

Also read response on Groklaw

interesting this will be, outcome unknown still :)