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SWFFix ver0.2a available for download – JS Flash embedding

SWFFix ver0.2a download

This will became standard Javascript Flash integration into HTML being that all major authors of known JS integrations of Flash in HTML are in SWFFix team. Test it, use it ;)

Very nice explanation of risks SWFFix (Javascript Flash embedding) are explained at their documentation pages :

What are the risks of using SWFFix?

When using embed option 1

Users that have JavaScript disabled or have browsers that don’t support JavaScript at all or not well enough may face a degraded user experience caused by active content or in the worst case, broken Flash content. Let’s calculate the odds:

Please note that although this approach still has its risks, the odds will be equal or lower than any other Flash embed method available.

When using embed option 2

Users that have JavaScript disabled or have browsers that don’t support JavaScript at all, will never be able to see any Flash content at all (regardless whether the latest Flash player is installed or not), however they will see alternative content instead. The odds:

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Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide Free Download

Good news, another book on AIR is released by Adobe, following their OnAIR bus tour. On tour everybody will get paper version, which you cna buy at Amazon.

Book is also available for FREE in electronic version via :)

Javascript as base for AIR sounds great to me, I’ve read parts of book with example and it’s pretty easy to work with API’s so JS developers here’s a chance for great expansion of your apps…

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Charles Web Debugging Proxy

Charles Web Debugging Proxy is possibly the tool that will shorten your debuging time significantly. There is no point that I describe something that creators did great …

“Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP traffic between their machine and the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information).”

“Charles is especially useful for Macromedia Flash developers as you can view the contents of LoadVariables, LoadMovie and XML loads. Charles also has native support for Flash Remoting (AMF0 and AMF3). More about Charles and Flash.”

Features list is really great and pretty BIG so I can’t just paste it
basiclly it reports and record all you requests including HTTP, HTTPS, XML… it also reports bandwith usage, it includes revers proxy, search, AMF parsing, mapping of files from website to your local disk and many more ….

Good news is that Charles is available for Win, Mac and Linux. Sounds like perfect expansion to your developer environment.

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Spry Framework Examples

Spry framework is Ajax framework from Adobe. I never used it but I suppose it can do the job, and maybe few tricks :)

Anyway, Flashenabled blog post reminded me about Spry so I am posting examples too… very nice work as we expect from adobe

Demos are available at Adobe Labs – including Photo Gallery, Interactive product table, RSS reader, Effects Demo and Validation Widgets.

That are pretty standard things for Javascript frameworks, but overall very nice.

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80+ Ajax Solution – Great compilation of Ajax components

Among developers there is infinite discussion writing all you code on your own or use 3rd party components. I don’t like any extreme. There are pros and cons for both solutions so sticking up with your ideas and solving them best you can would be a good path to go.

Anyway if you are liking other people components and you need to do some Ajax, Smashing Magazine got very very usefull article for you. 80+ Ajax Solution For Professional Coding

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Javascript Frameworks Overview

I won’t especially talk about any of the Javascript Framework. I will just try to point out links that I found in few hours after I saw this
What this test obviously shows is lack of speed at jQuery library but that’s not such unexpected event because jQuery thrives to small size avoiding lot of optimisations. Good news is that jQuery communicates with it’s community and response is available on few topics on jQuery Google Groups Links One and Two.

Knowing that about jQuery which I personally like, and even without knowing that can lead you to choose between many other great frameworks.
One good article that doesn’t even mention jQuery is available at JasLabs.

Take a look also at great slideshow presentation about Javascript frameworks by Simon Willson

Popularity chart over Google Trends

So I think this was enough. Having many options isn’t problem for me because any of this libraries can deliver but you are the master of ceremony so you can choose which tool want and which tool you will like the best. I personaly tend to two of the most represented jQuery and prototype.
Lets list and link others very popular and well used Dojo, MochiKit, YahooUI, Mootools, Rico and many many more ;)

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Adobe News – Quantum Leap

We have very, VERY good news from Adobe.

Flash Player 9 have update introducing for the first time GPU acceleration in player, mipmap for bitmaps, multi-threading on vector renderer and bitmap filters and video decoding, using of multi-core CPUs . GPU processing is not big implementation, only for full-screen video but hey, this is starting a path which will surely lead us to Flash Player 10 having numerous incredible, long-waited features.

Feature list on

AIR - ex Apollo – as it was announced by Adobe, Apollo recieved new name, AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). Also, beta version is released. HTML & Javascript becamed first class citizens
You can download runtime from

SDK is available from

Flex 3 Beta is released. Good news because there is lot of improvements. Some of them are :
for developers

  • Faster compilation, compiler class caching

  • Deeper language intelligence for AS3/MXML/CSS

  • Refactoring (Renaming: Method,Class,Variable)

  • Code Search

  • Code Outline

  • Memory Profiling, Performance Profiling, Profiling Live Memory Data

  • Enhanced Module support

  • Multiple SDK support.

for designers

  • Skin Importer

  • Design View Zoom/Pan

  • ItemRenderers in Design View

  • Advanced constraints

  • CS3 integration

  • CSS Outline

  • CSS Design View

  • many Flex 3 SDK style/skinning enhancements.

you can download Flex 3 Builder Beta from
Flex 3 SDK beta from

This is all great news. Adobe is on fire :D

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SWFFix, soon new and most reliable way to include Flash files into your webpage

“SWFFix is a project by Geoff Stearns and Bobby van der Sluis with the goal to create the ultimate JavaScript library for embedding Flash content.”

Two of the most used libraries and their creators joined forces for great cause. Hope we will enjoy soon powers of SWFFix, until then keep an eye on their blog

also, their preparation included testing almost every common-used browser for including SWF on page.
You can see very informative results at