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Adobe / Google / Yahoo : SWF dynamic content indexed by search engines

Until now static content in SWF files (Flash Player file format) was indexed to some point by search engines like Google and Yahoo. Any dynamic content was not even close to be read by search engine, and developers worked with alternative content. Alternative content is content displayed in HTML page behind the Flash file, which containts infomation equal or similar to ones current flash page is displaying. Problem was that alternative content coudn’t be set dynamically and read by search engines as Flash file change it’s content without reloading.

Great news is, Adobe has came out with Flash Player which will be used by search engines, for now Google and Yahoo which enables them to get all content from Flash, going through it and retrieving the dynamically loaded content… You can read more at Adobe Developer Center

I think this doesn’t mean Google and Yahoo would be able to link to your dynamic pages directly, because there is no fake clicking capability in current Flash player, or time skip functionality. Something like that may be an option but for now I don’t think Google or Yahoo can lead  directly to your dynamic page inside SWF but they can be aware of your content and show it in search results.

This is surely a great news, with deep linking already enabled on your site this will work like a charm surely.
Thanks Adobe… And please keep this good news coming every month!

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FUG Singapore July Meeting – Papervision and FDT presentations

It sounds like July meeting of FUG in Singapore will be even more interesting then in June. Basically it will be held out of Adobe offices at Tequilla office in Singapore.

Address is T\Junction Building, 5 Kadayanallur Street 069183
Seminar Room and meeting is held at 9th July at 19h. Entry is FREE but you should come at least half our before to register…

There will be two sessions as usuall In this meeting. Andrii Olefirenko will speak about Papervision 3D. FUG  also invited Nico, the founder of FDT, Germany, to give us a remote presentation on the FDT IDE and how it can improve your development workflow.

So great stuff again, see you there I will post if ther will be online live video stream, if not I am sure FUG Singapore site will have video files to download.

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Singapore FUG June meeting [video]

I am almost 3 weeks in Singapore, and things here looks very nice. One of the things I liked is that here exists Flex User Group, and also some Flash groups. In Serbia we only have from time to time dinner gatherings.

So I went to June FUG Singapore meeting and I was very satisfied with the presentations and of course people who attended. Two presentation were given, one by local Arul Kumaran talking about Code Generation techniques and especially Eclipse Monkey, and other one, more interesting by experimental meaning is by Christian Moore from NUI group, group which is involved in open source multi touch library touchlib.

You can watch recorded live sessions and slide presentation on Singapores FUG website

Greetz to FUG SG, nice work!

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SitePoints free book – The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques

SitePoint is releasing it’s first full color book “The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques”. It’s FREE to download it in next 7 days.
This book will show you how to:

  • Learn the basics: image sizing, layers, vector shapes, transparency, and more.
  • Create a multitude of attractive buttons: aqua-style, metallic, glassy, etc.
  • Create seamless tiling backgrounds: rice paper, brushed metal, and granite, plus many others.
  • Work with text: style it, create special effects, and wrap it around 3D objects.
  • Touch up photographs, match colors, and combine different images.
  • Use eye-catching special effects.
  • Isolate objects from images.
  • Make graphics for CSS rollover buttons.
  • Design an entire web site and easily switch between different versions.
  • Optimize graphics for web use.
  • Work smarter: automate your workflow with batch commands and actions.
  • Create animated GIFs.
  • And lots more…

Download your copy at Sitepoint

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Kevin Lynch Interview for Knowledge Wharton

Kevin Lynch, CTO at Adobe gave interview for Knowledge Wharton. The interview isn’t small one so with a lot of good questions insight in Kevins thoughts is great. All areas of Adobes activity are covered, but AIR and Flash are now of most interest. Also, at the end of interveiw Kevin talks about server technology Adobes embracing and how good client – server fit can be valuable for business.

Read the Kevin Lynch interview at Knowledge Wharton

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Near future of Photoshop, Flash, AFX and Thermo [VIDEO]

Adobe Systems 2008 Financial Analysts Meeting held recently and as part of presentations video presentation on some of upcoming features in next versions, maybe not upcoming but in near future versions.

Check out Adobe Connect webcast where Steve Heintz, Karl Soule, and John Neck give presentation about some of amazing things that are coming to CS suite.
You can also check out complete list of presentations, where you can find links for other  webcasts or PDF presentations. Kevin Lynch is of course also very interesting to see.

source : John Neck on Adobe